Black Train 2017

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Domo arigato, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi! I was researching future Obscure Train Movies and totally by accident, stumbled across this fantastic music video.

Mostly drone-filmed on the Nevada Northern Railway, Black Train features NN Ry.’s locomotive #40, a 1910 product of Baldwin Locomotive Works, towing a string of boxcars and caboose through the desert.

Of course, the entire thing is in Japanese, but every now and then, Tsuyoshi says, “Black Train” in clear English. Check him out above riding the front of the steam engine, and having the time of his life. C’mon, let’s review this video, the 4-6-0 and its consist!

This is my favorite screen cap of the engineer’s side of the train. #40 is towing four NN wood boxcars and a yellow caboose. More about them later. The nearby copper mines (Kennecott) were the railway’s raison d’être.

The use of the drone made it very easy to pace the train and circle around to capture every conceivable angle. Here we come beside #40 plodding along about 10mph with Nagabuchi-san hanging onto the smokebox railing.

The camera pans around from left to right finishing with a good shot of the entire train.

As he got more comfortable riding the iron horse, he started kicking his leg around. Whoa! Safety First!

Sprinkled throughout are shots of Tsuyoshi and a Gibson doing his best Bruce Springsteen inside the track gauge. Kids, don’t try this at home — he rented the entire railroad and you didn’t. ;p

Shots of the whole train, fireman’s side, in good light.

This is a propitious place to describe the rest of the consist. In addition to the “fabulous 40”, there are four box cars and a caboose.

Nevada Northern’s own equipment roster shows they own six wood box cars numbered 1020 through 1025 with 1022 mostly destroyed by fire. All of these cars were built circa October 1912 by American Car & Foundry, new for NN Ry. with 36′ inside length and arch bar trucks.

Courtesy of Yahoo photos is this night time image of Kennecott #22 bringing up the rear of the train (music video had no close up views of the caboose).

This is a steel caboose built January 1955 (builder unknown) and labeled, “Kennecott, Nevada Mines Division”. I was able to identify it from the video by the telltale 2 windows on each side of the caboose as well as the enormous KENNECOTT lettering.

Still kicking away, Nagabuchi-san rolls past Milepost 136; Laying on a little black coal smoke, NN #40 is nicely framed by mountains and sagebrush in good light.

Notice the chap in the gangway (first picture) and on the tender (second picture). I think that might be the drone operator.

As the music video draws to a close, our train passes through a wide cut as the camera tracks from engineer’s side to firemen’s side before fading to black.

Unfortunately, you can no longer watch Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s Black Train video on YouTube, as it has been blocked. Spoilsports. (Link no longer works)

Video unavailable.
This video contains content from FujiTV, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi – Black Train (Official Music Video).

If you have ANY information about this movie you’d like to share, please contact me at:, or leave a comment.  Thanks and enjoy the blog!



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