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A Woman of Distinction 1950

Columbia Pictures

As movies go, this one is kinda thin on railroads. I’m pretty sure all train exteriors and interiors were done on studio sets. Although a few heavyweight passenger cars labeled “New Haven” parade up and down the platform at the “Benton, Connecticut” railroad depot – motive power is only heard, not seen. At least they got the branding correct as New Haven Railroad monopolized passenger service between Boston and New York City via New Haven, CT.

Still, I found a complete copy of this picture online, (link at bottom), so cost was $0 and a couple Hollywood Star cameos made it fun to watch. Let’s tune in.

Professor Alexander “Alec” Stevenson (played by Ray Milland) and Ice Queen Professor Susan Manning Middlecott (played by Rosalind Russell) have many questions for the Benton station clerk. For 10 points, which actor is playing the clerk? (cameo #2).

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